Review of Staging Classifications

  • The two major staging classifications used are SEER Summary Stage and AJCC TNM
  • Summary Stage is the most basic staging system and it is based on the theory of cancer growth, which uses all clinical and pathological information available in the medical record
  • The AJCC staging scheme is based on the evaluation of the T, N, and M components and the assignment of a stage group
    • Extent of Disease is a data collection system, with three core data items used to derive Summary Stage and TNM. Extent of Disease.
      • EOD Primary Tumor
      • EOD Regional Nodes
      • EOD Mets which
    • EOD coding is required for all SEER programs funded through the National Cancer Institute. In addition to the core data items, EOD incorporates the tumor size T, number of pathologically positive regional lymph nodes and additional prognostic factors (which are collected by cancer registries as Site-Specific Data Items).

Updated: March 4, 2024